Improve employee engagement with 

CHEQ employee chatbot!

Direct, interactive and measurable communication with all your employees!

 Fabulous employee chatbot functions

Communicate such like your employees do!

Do you have something to share with the whole staff?

Send messages directly to your employees’ mobile phones including text, photo, video or PDF.

Do you want to eliminate frequently repeated, admin questions?

Chatbot embody the intranet on your employees’ mobile phones. Policies, FAQ documents, canteen menu, contact registry, etc. available for your employees on the go in 7/24.

Do you want to digitize paper-based processes?

Workers may submit information through the chatbot, such as registration for company event, employee referral, reporting leave of absence, employee suggestion program ideas.

Are you curious about the workplace atmosphere?

No fuss. Send out a quick question to all employees in a minute and review the results within couple of hours.

Are you fed up with time-wasting queues in front of HR office?

Employees may contact Employee Services partners (eg. HR, Payroll, etc.) via live-chat in 7/24 regardless of their location.

Are your employees hesitant to ask the management?

Not a problem anymore. They can submit their questions via the chatbot anonymously, and the company may respond those in an all employee message.

Request an on-line demo now!

Only a 45 minutes video call, what may revolutionize your internal communication.

Who we are?

A fruitful combination of human and technology skills for your communicational success

What does Linking do?

We are HR professionals with solid, decades long HR Management experience, gained at companies employing thousands of employees. We have our own experience, how challenging it is to convey Management’s message to all employees, especially to non-office workers in a direct and reliable way. 

Luckily, we now live in an era, when we are given with the technology to directly communicate to all colleagues of the company on a measurable way. 

It is our mission at Linking to help you and your company in implementing your new direct and interactive communication channel to all your employees what will result in tremendous increase of employee engagement and parallel in saving significant amount of money.

Our technology partner Talk-A-Bot

Talk-A-Bot is an enterprise chatbot service provider with regional offices in Europe and Singapore. They believe that companies spend too much time, money and human resources for carrying out the repeating communicational tasks.

They make companies' internal and external communication fast, effective and moreover joyful by digitizing and automating these processes.

Talk-A-Bot's Development Team provides that solid technology background, what makes it possible for us to fulfill even the highest level, most complex organizational communication needs with our chatbot solutions.

Most frequently asked questions

and answers

What chatbot is?

Chatbot is a software simulating discussion with the users while delivering information and services to them.

Where is the employee chatbot available?

Your chatbot can operate either in Viber or MS Teams app on either company or private mobile phones of the employees.         

How long does the implementation take?

Generally 3-4 weeks are enough. In case of urgency, we can deliver your chatbot even within 5 working days.  This is the placeholder.

Can we measure the message read rate?

Yes. You can check the read ratio of your messages even name by name. It usually exceeds 80% in 3 hours after the release.

Can we limit access to the chatbot strictly to our employees?

Sure. Employees are authorized at the chatbot by ID and password upon sign-up. Leavers are removed from user list.

Can we send message to a certain employee group?

Yes. You may broadcast to all employees, a certain group of them, or to a combination of multiple employee groups.

Where is the information stored?

A Virtual Private Server is provided to you in Microsoft Azure or
Amazon Webservice environment.

Is chatbot safe from GDPR angle?

100% GDPR proof, guaranteed. Employees accept GDPR notification upon signing-on. Employees see only their own messages.

What IT investment is needed?

No IT investment is required. Talk-A-Bot will provide the servers as part of the service. No software installation is necessary.

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